Re: Project : Ubitx go box with batteries (topic will be updated upon works done)

Olivier Grand

Ici Londres ! les Francais parlent aux Francais.
Another advantage using the nextion display is the spectrum analyser and the morse code reader (using the second Arduino for the standalone analyser) but by the way using a 2.8" model you will need tooth picks, specially during SOTA in winter Hi !
the 2.8" model is à relatively low consumption device I dont' really mesured the difference with a 16X02 or 20X04 but I think it's quite the same.
I've built another uBitx V5 with a 3.2" nextion screen feeded by the Raduino and the 7805 with a small heatsink is OK.

Le mer. 28 août 2019 à 10:35, Adrien F4IJA <adrien.grelet@...> a écrit :
Salut Olivier,

Thank you for those informations (frenchies talking to each other in english, is kinda fun !)

So, that's quite interesting the running time you have. With that information, I think I should go for example with 3S2P to have extended autonomy, but 3S4P seems to be really overkill, even if you plan to go for 1 week SOTA without recharging, which will ne be my case (just one day session most, maximum a WE with other activities than radio too).

Another question : what do you think about the Nextion LCD ? In fact I'm thinking beetween two things :

My point is what are the benefits of the Nextion LCD, beside the comfort of use and ergonomy of menus. Also it's fancy and cool with that display ! Does it have other things you can't do with the basic LCD ?

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