Re: power supply for ubitx5

MVS Sarma

Using 78s12 i gave scope for higher load for tft disply too Today i am substtuting 7805 on raduino with 78T05 that bought from aliex.....

On Tue, 27 Aug 2019, 3:17 am Woody, <woody@...> wrote:
On 8/26/2019 15:17, MVS Sarma wrote:
hi woody,
 I use 19V laptop adopter . I give the final FETs from 19 direct.
Sounds good!   I have read a lot about running higher Vds for more output, but mine is on 13.6, along with the rest of the circuitry.  If I decide to run higher voltage on the PA in the future will probably go with a switching boost convertor so primary feed will still be 13.6+-
If your method (direct feed to the PA) is used, a plain 7812 should handle the rest. 
Woody - KZ4AK


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