Re: Project : Ubitx go box with batteries (topic will be updated upon works done)

Adrien F4IJA <adrien.grelet@...>

Salut Olivier,

Thank you for those informations (frenchies talking to each other in english, is kinda fun !)

So, that's quite interesting the running time you have. With that information, I think I should go for example with 3S2P to have extended autonomy, but 3S4P seems to be really overkill, even if you plan to go for 1 week SOTA without recharging, which will ne be my case (just one day session most, maximum a WE with other activities than radio too).

Another question : what do you think about the Nextion LCD ? In fact I'm thinking beetween two things :

My point is what are the benefits of the Nextion LCD, beside the comfort of use and ergonomy of menus. Also it's fancy and cool with that display ! Does it have other things you can't do with the basic LCD ?

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