Re: Project : Ubitx go box with batteries (topic will be updated upon works done)

Olivier Grand

Bonjour Adrien.
The 3 X 18650 Battery pack I've installed in my V5 give me height hours running time at 10% transmitting time (on dummy load), I installed the same battery protection board as yours and I plan to modify the charging circuit. the mods are :
2 separates 12V rails, 2 X 5V rail (one for TX, one for RX)
Nextion 2.8" touch screen feeded by the Raduino
VK3YE's AGC (12V RX)
XPT8871 AF amp with tone control (5V RX rail)
SSM2167 mike compressor (5V TX rail)
with these adds the power consumption is not very different (not verified).
I plan to re-install a second arduino (standalone analyser) with it's own 5V rail.
I will check the real consumption datas and write a complete report.
Bonne journée !

Le mar. 27 août 2019 à 10:18, <adrien.grelet@...> a écrit :
I've made some spreadsheet work upon the battery size.

It appears, with 15W global power drained from the setup when transmitting, that a 3S2P should be enough and smaller to fit in the box (and also lighter).

Here is the screenshot :

So, more than 4 hours just on transmit is not bad at all !
If anybody have already measured the real power drain if the ubitx when transmitting (not the output power, the power used on the power supply).

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