Re: ssm2167 board for compression #ubitx #ssm2167


Hi John, 
I understand completely. 
The value of pot I chose was 50k, and the adjustment point relative to ground is about 10K.. so 1/5 the voltage output of the microphone. Of course this adjustment is after the cap on the board so that I did not adjust the electret bias as well.. but I think you got that.  I found it difficult to solder to the pads without destroying them, but succeeded finally. I started laying out a board with these mods... but who knows if I'll ever get it done. :-) 

I will caution that I discovered that the noise gate and compression.. seem to have an interaction.. but the noise gate certainly works.. and as my good friend says about the compression now.. "Wow Brad that sounds as good if not better than your 100 W rig at 100 Watts"
BTW thanks for your inspiration for using this chip. It really makes the difference for sure. 
I read your notes.. but was frustrated with the compression making little difference between full compression and none.. Now.. there is a huge difference. 
I hope this helps... I have been hoping someone else would give it a try. 

Brad N8YG

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