i2c encoders in matrix with I/O #ubitx

John Scherer

I came across an interesting, i2c addressable rotary encoder board that allows you to connect encoders in just about any configuration.  The board has pins for digital or adc I/O, has 256 bytes of eeprom, pads for setting each encoders i2c address, and works from 3.3-5v  I just ordered several boards to play so I'll see how well the work.  For something like the uBitx this could be a easy way to add additional physical I/O (i.e. knobs) for those of us that like knobs ;-)

There is also a video that gives a pretty good overview of how they work.

I did a quick search to see of anyone else posted this but if by chance I miss it, and someone already has this working, let me know.

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