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Adrien F4IJA

Awesome, thanks!

I'm on my phone right now but I'll see that deeply tonight. 

Adrien F4IJA 

Le mar. 27 août 2019 à 17:43, woody <woody@...> a écrit :
Hi Adrien,

First, I will say my uBITX is set for "true" QRP,  only 5 watts out.  
It is a Version 4 board with Axicom relays.
I measured at two supply voltages, 12.0v and 13.6v.
I have additional circuits (Rx pre-amp and RF attenuator) which will
increase the current from completely "stock" uBITX (about 100 ma?).
Power out was measured using my homebrew QRP watt meter and my 200 MHz
oscilloscope at 50 ohms (oscilloscope is more accurate).
Measured at 14.2 MHz
Tone applied to microphone input sufficient to reach maximum output....

12 Volts:
Rx = 419 ma.
Tx = 1.4 amps.
Watt meter = 3 watts.
Scope:   30v Peak to peak / 15 v peak.
Calculated Pout:  2.25 watts RMS, 9 watts peak.

13.6 Volts:
Rx= 452 ma.
Tx = 1.73 amps
Watt meter = 5 watts.
Scope:  35v P-P / 17.5v peak.
Calculated Pout: 3 watts RMS, 12.3 watts peak.
Documentation of my build is available on my web site as a ZIP file:
Hope this data will help!
73, Woody - KZ4AK


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