Re: Project : Ubitx go box with batteries (topic will be updated upon works done)


Some news on design :

Global plate

Even I don't really know the cookie box I'll select, I've started to try to fit everything in so tiny space.

Here is the plate with not everything yet, but we can see the global fitting. It's the bottom view. The idea is to have everything attached on this single plate so it's very easy to unmount for the cookie box to diagnostic things or add new things.
The plate is in yellow and will be machined (as I've built a big CNC router for my own company).
The red thing will be an extra heatsink (it's barely a piece of aluminium which will be screwed on the actual heatsinks). I hope, as the setup won't have fans for now, that will be passively cooldown the amplifier.

Amplified mic

After reading lot of things on the group, I'll finally don't use my CB mic, which need to add a proper socket in the case. Instead of that, I'll make a very simple but I guess OK amplified mic based on a MAX9814 chip I've ordered on Aliexpress.

The main problem is to power the amp. I've the idea to power it with a 18650 cell (4.2V fully charged, 3.7V nominal) directly in the mic.

In fact, the cell holder will make lot of the mic itself, I'll just need to print 2 3d printed parts to fit everything. As I want the global thing to be very simple, it won't be cased, so wires will be visible.

I also plan to use the shipped switch for the PTT.
If after I want to case it, I think it will be quite easy though.

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