Re: ubitx 5 and boatanchor Collins amp #ubitx #v5 #linear-amp

Jim Strohm

Dean, your 30L-1 likes to see 50 watts or more to start to make good power.  While it should amplify the output from a ubitx, it's a kilowatt-class amp with only 10 or 12 dB gain. 

So with the nominal 10 watts out of a a ubitx, you'd see about 100 watts out of the 30L-1, which is hardly worth lighting the filaments for -- at 25 watts per filament, you do the math. 

You'll need an amp better suited to the semi-QRP output of the ubitx, and capable of handling the higher output on lower frequencies and lower output on higher frequencies. 

I'm not saying you can't use your 30L-1 with a ubitx.  However, you may want to track down a "two-pill" CB amp to put between the ubitx and the 30L-1.


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