Re: Project : Ubitx go box with batteries (topic will be updated upon works done)


Bob WB8BEL sent me an email with its setup. He allowed me to post it here.

Hi Bob,

Thanks a lot for this share. It's very interesting !

I've received your answer as a private email. Do you mind if I post it on the thread for other hams to read it ?

Thx and 73

Adrien F4IJA

Le 27/08/2019 à 14:19, Bob Fischer, Fischer Technical Services a écrit :
Hi Adrien,
I thought you might like to see what I put together for a backpack.
12 NiMH AA batteries = 14.4 Volts.  A 5W solar panel rated 0.28 A at 17.9 V to charge the battery pack.   Three sets of Anderson power pole connectors connected with wire nuts.
My V3 uBITX consumes less than 2W on receive.  Using this batteries-only setup, I get about 5W SSB output on 40M with the same antenna I use to get around 15W with my 13.8V, 25A power supply.
I assume current is being limited by the relatively high resistances of the AA batteries and the small wires on the battery holders.
I expect to get more RF output with the battery pack plus one of the Sun-lit solar panels but I have not tried that yet.
I have not done any testing on battery life (with or without the solar panel attached).
Everything came bargain-priced from eBay.  The 5W panel was less than $10.  As a Matter of fact, I have also purchased a couple of 10W solar panels for less than $13 each from eBay.
I have not tried to measure but concur with the others who have estimated transmit power consumption at around 25W.
I have been a Ham for over 50 years.  It has been a long time since I have had more fun than I have been having with my little uBITX.  Good SSB signal reports from all over the US, the Caribbean and South America.


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