ubitx 5 and boatanchor Collins amp #ubitx #v5 #linear-amp

Dean Souleles

Hi all - 

ubitx 5 continues to perform well.  Got digital modes working great and also making contacts on SSB phone. 

My question - does anyone have any experience using ubitx to drive an old-school vacuum tube  linear amp.  I have a Collins 30L-1 (4 811 tubes) that I use with my Kenwood.  Is it possible or even a good idea to try to make it work with the ubitx.  I need to figure out what it would take to bring out the PTT to drive the TX/RX control on the amp.  With the Kenwood I bought a commercial interface that plugs directly into the accessor port of the Kenwood.

Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated!



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