Bitx straight key wiring photo wrong?

Robert Siebens

Hi All,

I purchased a Bitx v 5.0 and followed the HF Signals wire-up photos and was not able to get a response from a straight key. I finally realized that the key is sending power to the connector tip, but the HF Signals photo shows a photo with the green and blue wires (and resistor) attached to the ring tab. How could this work?

I poked around in the archives, and this sounds a lot like an issue another user found on the site Still, I'm not sure I understand what that user means by "upper right." As far as I can tell, the middle-right (3:00 position) is the one that has current from the key (see the attached HF Signals photo with my annotations). Am I missing something here, or can I just solder the blue wire, resistor, and green wire to the middle-right (3:00) tab?  

Here's that previous post...

On 2/08/18 1:29 PM, dkuk@... wrote:
I've gone through 2 rounds of blowing finals before I finally found it mentioned that the wiring in the manual for the CW straight key was wrong.
It is also wrong on the website
The resistor and blue wire must be wired to the upper right terminal in both pictures for it to work properly.
With the wiring as pictured my keyers essentially shorted the ring to the sleeve, hard keying the rig.

I would set up my keyer - plug it into the jack on the ubitx, then power the ubitx up, 
unaware that as soon as I powered up, the ubitx was keyed until the finals finally fried.

This is the reference from the same web page mentioning the error in the schematic:
"There is an error on the circuit diagram and the wire up instructions for the CW Key.  The 
diagrams show the key connected to pin 2 of the key jack. Pin 2 is the RING terminal, not the TIP."

Just wanted to put this out there in case anyone else is going through similar frustration.
I was so frustrated that I was ready to scrap my ubitx.



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