Re: Aircraft headset speaker impedance and ubitx #ubitx

Wayne Leake

 Way back in the 1950's, I wired a headphone jack into the speaker output on my radio.
 Bear in mind that the headphone was high impedance, several K ohm.
 It worked quite well, and the speakers were rated at 3.2 Ohm mostly back then.
 Presently I have a bunch of 600 ohm headsets that came out of a school, and I may just try connecting to an 8 ohm output, such as the kind used in BITX40's, and more. These are headsets that will be reasonably comfortable to wear.
 Many mikes are rated at 600 ohm, usually dynamic.
 I have a mike from a Midland that is rated at 600 ohm, but I am wondering if it is an electret mike, as it tests as being an open circuit.
 That or the element is blown.
 With speaker, headphones and mikes, they will work with a mismatch most of the time.
 Won't hurt to try using it as an electret if it tests as an open element

 Wayne WA2YNE

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