Re: Where many of the ICs we still use today were born.

Dexter N Muir

As the Ft-227R came to NZ I bought one (had to get ot re-xtalled from 700kHz split - and they used the wrong spec xtals ).
Aside from thacontant kHz or so off-centre, it was fine for the FM, but I lamented the lack of scanning. Fortunately, later on I worked at Tait, production-line tester (and supervisor) for T196/198s. The pick-and-place rarely got things wrong, but faults often resulted in removal and replacement of (among others) the 4011 quad-NAND IC, perfectly functional but now second-hand.

I designed a scanner using these (with a hex-Inverter ;) 6xNOT 4069 gate). This was as LSI was being developed, all was logic-gates: the development path of RTL->DTL->TTL> CMOS - and in among those, MML. What? MML? Yes, Mickey-Mouse L0gic: using stuff to do what it was not designed for, e.g.NOTs for a clock-oscillator.

The switches were a bank of push-buttons (input selectors) from a home stereo, with one modified to release all others.

It worked well, but was clumsy - and activity was not enough to warrant its use. Not much different today here in ZL. :(

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