Re: Wired up Bitx40 and it doesn't work!

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On Aug 24, 2019, at 2:58 AM, Raj vu2zap <rajendrakumargg@...> wrote:

That 0.49v means you have the power supply reversed.

At 24-08-19, you wrote:
I finally got around to wiring up my bitx40 QRP radio and when I applied 12v, 2.0 amps from my bench power supply, nothing happens with the bitx40... the bench power supply supply voltage drops down from 12v to 0.49 V, but nothing happening on the Bitx40 display and no sound from the speaker.  I checked the inline fuse and it is working and it did not pop... 

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


Mark / WU6R

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