uBITX v2 (Early 2018) for sale - w amateurradiokits.in case and xtras


Unassembled uBITX delivered May 2018 for sale,  Has been opened and components inventoried, but NOT assembled.  Board silk screened with a manufacturing date of 02 2018 and marked 'ubitx v3 (c) hfsig.com.2017  wirh a handwritten (sn?) of n968/3'.  Radurino has handwritten number of '909/3'.  Also including 3d printed enclosure for mike and W0EB BITx CW Conditioning Adapter (PCB only) .  Case is blue. $129 for all includes shipping to the CONUS.  photos avaialble.  buyer pays international shipping.  joseph.b.baird@... - KN4IFV

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