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Jim Sheldon

Ashhar and all,
I found the problem and fixed it.  It was not completely bad soldering on the DC connector, it was also the 1N4148 diode in series with the incoming 9 volts being OPEN.  After re-flowing all the solder joints from the component side and checking continuity, I still got nothing from the 9V connectors + side to the side terminal on the main DC connector.  I checked continuity from the cathode of the diode to that point and it was good so I checked the diode -- no forward conductivity at all.  I have a well stocked parts bin, replaced the diode and now everything works as it should.  

Anyone having this problem that re-flowing solder on the DC connector doesn't fix, be sure to check the diode as well.  1N4148's are pretty rugged but I've received bad ones even from Digi-Key and Mouser in the anti-static strips they come in and it's not all that uncommon.

Jim - W0EB

Oh yes, how about a written manual in PDF format rather than video?  Some of us would much rather read the book rather that watch you-tube videos.  Especially when needing info and the internet is not available!


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The SMD parts are assembled on a Panasonic pick and place. No chance of a reversed diode. What is, however, possible is that the DC connector, which is hand soldered, hasnt been soldered properly. Open up the box, unscrew the PCB and flow solder on the tabs of the DC connector from the component side. I covered this problem a while ago. 
A video manual is in the works. I finished a few yesterday, I will start posting th3 videos over the weekend.

73, f

On Fri 23 Aug, 2019, 6:17 AM Jim Sheldon, <w0eb@...> wrote:
That would be nice.  Mine works fine on the external power input but 6 brand new AA cells in the battery box (9.56V) wont even light it up.  I did check and have the 9+ volts on the PCB terminals but without a manual and current schematic I don't want to take it apart.  Not really a happy camper right now.  Farhan take note I suspect an open  or reversed diode but without a schematic I can trust, I don't want to destroy it accidentally.

Jim, W0EB 


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This may not be going to the right group.

Is there a manual available for the Antuino? My unit arrived today.

I thought I joined the Antuino group but I see the last posting I received was on 8/17.

John Norris

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