Re: Isolate any jacks/controls from metal chassis? #ubitx

Tom, wb6b

On Thu, Aug 22, 2019 at 09:54 AM, <jhowell39@...> wrote:
Electric guitar body cavities (pickup mounts, etc) often use a conductive copper tape for shielding
I bought a roll on Amazon some time back. The copper tape is handy.

One thing to note is: The tape claimed to have conductive adhesive. There was absolutely nothing conductive at all about the adhesive. 

I cut a hole in a piece of paper and stuck two pieces of the tape together so they only make contact through the 1/2 inch hole in the paper and I could not measure any resistance less than an open circuit.

If I stuck two pieces of copper tape together where they overlap (the edge of one going down the center of the other) then I measured a low resistance connection between them.

I believe in the case of the overlap, the rough edge of the copper tape where I cut it was making contact with the top of the copper foil I stuck it to.

I still like the tape, I just make sure I add some solder bridges across the overlapped layers. Even if the adhesive was conductive, probably not a good idea to rely on it for a solid electrical connection.

I've found this tape handy for adding big ground areas to prototype board projects, too.

Tom, wb6b

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