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Ken Hansen

So textbooks cost $1K/year, tuition is $20K, and it's the TEXTBOOKS that are the problem?


If textbooks were free, a year at university would decrease by 5%, or about the amount the average non-athlete student pays in sports-related fees on many colleges.

Want to lower textbook expenses? Tell professors to stop changing textbooks each year, let an ecosystem of used books develop around the campus. When I was in college (1985) I had a calculus book by a man named Anton, he 'revised' his textbook every couple years, rendering previous used editions worthless. Are there really sufficient advances in the field of Calculus 1 to justify rewriting the book every couple years? But this is curriculum-wide - why do Norton Anthologies if Early American Lit get revises every few years? The underlying body of literature is static - all the authors met their fate over a century ago, yet the textbooks keep being revised... etc.

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I just love educated responses that use Bullshit as an argument. What could be more reliable?

Cost of Books - See:
If, for example, you are majoring in architecture or engineering, you may need computer programs that an English or Education major won’t need. The national average for this category in 2017 was $1,100, but the cost of books is soaring every year so count on it going up from 8%-10% from year-to-year.

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