Re: Help #arduino

Evan Hand

The short answer is yes, if you add the screen features you want to the Arduino firmware.  I am not aware of any such firmware available.  There is also a shortage of I/O in the stock Raduino. 

I would suggest that you first look at the Nextion display work that can be found here: 

Dr. Lee has written software and screen designs to work with the Nano that came with the uBitx.  With all the added features, there is very little room for more modifications in the Nano code.  You do need to purchase a Nextion display with touch screen capability.  Be sure to verify the screen size and the enhanced version with touch capabilities to work with the KD8CEC software.  I used both the 2.4 and 3.2 inch enhanced versions.  Available from multiple vendors.

There is the also JackAl add on board that did change the processor to one with more memory and speed.  That is available here:  This has higher capabilities, at a higher price.  Be sure to note that the listed price for the board does not include every thing that you need to make it work.

You can go the route of converting the Nano code to a larger/more powerful processor like the Teensy on the JackAL board or other newer Arduino based system.  Regardless, that will be a significant effort.  Would be curious to see any results that you come up with.


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