Re: VOX Issues to be aware of. Or, suspected new digital mode.

Tom, wb6b

On Sun, Aug 18, 2019 at 05:33 AM, bobolink wrote:
ripped from CODEC2
CODEC2 looks interesting. It seems to be a breath new life for older research and makes it work well thanks to modern DSP technology. The original researchers could not get past a certain technology point.

Well unless you have a government sized budget.

If you think learning Morse Code is hard, imagine learning this keyboard. Maybe someone should come up with a Vocoder Code Tutor. Must have the lowest bit rate for any digital voice mode.

Probably could send voice at WSPR bit rates. Imagine that, voice WSPRing.

Looks like FreeDV (based on CODEC2) can be implemented with one of the more powerful STM32 processors, maybe one of the newer Teensy boards. Might be fun to add digital voice to the uBitx.

Well, if the snoring VOX issue cannot be solved, maybe just some kind of auto ID every 10 minutes to keep his transmissions legal.

Tom, wb6b


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