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dries breughe
vfo van 4Mhz tot 4.350Mhz Je ziet dat ik de aan de tuning condensator draai. de vfo is niet overal proper. ik zoek nog naar de oorzaak.

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Onderwerp: Re: [BITX20] bitx20 problems #bitx20help
Can you post a circuit diagram of your effort? Possibly with a picture of your build too? What kind of test gear do you have access to?

On Sun 18 Aug, 2019, 11:34 PM , <driesbreughe@...> wrote:
I have been a radio amateur since 2007.
over the years I have made many contacts worldwide  using comercile radios like ts-450 and ic-703.
because that is the easy way.
nevertheless, I always thought that was a bit of cheating, a shared honor with icom and kenwood.
there is a lot to be found on the internet concerning homemade transceivers.
on some websites you see diagrams, explanations, photos.
sometimes it all looks so simple.
like you just build the simple circuit and you're done.
But that is not my experience. sometimes I think it's a bad design or I'm just a stupid builder
in 2012 i started building the bitx20. clean with a printed circuit board that I had made.
it was many years and failed project, But now I  want to make an attempt to finish it
the receiver works, but not completely clean. I hear many mixing frequency products.
the recipient was deaf. in ssb they were only very strong stations. who came through it.
the transmitter: almost no carrier suppression
the pre hf amplifier (q14) functions as an attenuator.
i am not sure regarding the rf transformers. TV balun core is a vague description. Can it also function well with a ft37-43?
i also built the hf amplifier with  6   2n2018 transistors.
i used an hf oscilator (ne602 with a bit of external gain) to test the hf amplifier.
there was power gain, I had 250mW not the expected 5W
it is not specified which diode it must be.
I managed to get a 1N4001 in it
I hope you can give some advice in the hope of resolving technical issues.

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