Re: another stuck relay in TX mode #ubitx #bitx20

Don - KM4UDX

Yes, with 16v to the finals I get a few more watts. At 80m with 16V and 25w there is 1.6 amps running around -- and maybe more with spikes here and there?

I've asked multiple folks on 80m (where I get the most watts) if they see any artifacts in my PSK signal (for example), and I get fine reports. I have seen wickedly over driven PSK signals with echos on the right and left of the PSK railroad tracks -- and I never want to send that out!!

I confess when I got my uBITX I was clueless oh how to monitor, adjust, and control my drive levels.  In the early days I'm sure I sent out a bunch of majorly over driven stuff. i'd like to go back in time and apologize to anyone who saw the mess I was sending, hahaha.  But, all I could say was...I'm sooo sorry I'm just learning how to figure out all this stuff.  And even the volume control took a while to understand. hahaha.


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