Re: Carrier suppression on uBITX v5 - -35 to -40 dB ok?

Don - KM4UDX


I built an little Easy digi interface kit with small transformers, DC blocking cap, to bridge the ubix audio i/o to the laptop audio i/o.  Then I realized by laptop audio i/o jacks were all broke, so I had to use a cheap external usb sound card just to gain good audio i/o jacks from the laptop. Going from uBITX audio i/o to EasyDigi i/o to cheap usb sound card dongle i/o to laptop usb port all worked 100% fine.


Is the EasyDigi interface totally redundant given that I have to use a external sound card anyway?  I don't need the audio transformers for isolation -- the external sound card does that function, and nothing is bothered by the mic+v so  I don't need the blocking DC cap either.  Can I remove the EasyDigi from the audio i/o chain and go straight from uBITX audio i/o to sound card i/o??

Thanks oh wise ones for the insight and guidance!


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