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Richard Spohn

I believe this is where the Wolfwave comes in. It is a complete
enclosure and GUI with the sotabeams DSP board at its core. A tad
pricey but it does everything - including regenerating clean CW from a
less-than-ideal signal. I fould it rather intriquing. - Rich WB2GXM

On 8/14/19, MadRadioModder <@MadRadioModder> wrote:
The sotabeams filters are exceedingly good technically. It's the
flexibility and user interface that's stinks. And, of course, it can't be
modified, even though the processor has plenty of resource for additional
computational things like a nice display to graphically show you the filter

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The sofa beams Audio DPS boards...there are several models...are stand
boards, no coach needed. Simply insert in your audio chain and add power.
works great. Far better than I had hoped. They are worth the investment.

David Posthuma


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On Tue, Aug 13, 2019 at 07:42 AM, MadRadioModder wrote:

I use my own coded version of this thing

That looks like a cool implementation. Is your audio bandpass filter stand
alone or is it an add-on to the Sotabeams filter board?

It sounds like it is a stand alone DSP filter and display.

Is the code on GitHub or somewhere?

Tom, wb6b

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