Re: another stuck relay in TX mode #ubitx #bitx20

Don - KM4UDX

Curt -- I can reflow each pin if I pull up my pants and stop being a whousssssss.

Good implyed question on the drive level. SWR meter says 28w on wspr on 80m, which means two full minutes of hard duty.  But I don't know what band it was on when it locks up.   I was so freeked about how it could be in drive when there was no TX command from my computer, a disconnected sound card, a reboot, a physical turn off/on, that I didn't notice what the band or pwr level was. I feel silly now not noticing that. 

I'll look for any anomolies on the board.  The "case" has a lot of air flow, so something could have landed where it wasn't supposed to be. 

The lock up is seemingly random, so I can't make it misbehave on command (yet).  If it keeps up, I'm sure that even I will figure out the pattern. hahah.  This is the third time so far. 

If i decide to replace it, I assume the required relay is the axicom  V23105A5403A201 discused (endlessly) in previous threads?

Given that I may need only one, there must be some uBITX builder who got 5 or 10 and would send me 1 or 2 (pleaseeeee..)?


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