Re: Narrow filter for CW #ubitxcw



I sense we have thrown lots of choices at you.  Except for playing with IF shift, implementing an audio filter is easiest - with many low cost choices around.  Note in most respects the design architecture is very similar across v3, v4 and v5.  v5 was a larger change with a different IF selection for the SSB crystal filter. 

Many of us have rigs with 4915 kHz xtal filters made from cheap xtals.  Sounds like it could be installed in parallel with the 12 MHz filter without needing relays -- I should have thought of that - but we need a rig control to command the ubitx to 'Receive CW' to change the oscillator functions as Asher describes. 

Except in a major contest maybe, I find the audio filter is entirely sufficient with the way ubitx receive gain is distributed.  You might find CW transmit behavior a bit strange but it works fine once you are used to it. 


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