Re: Antuino support group opened -- early antuino question

Don - KM4UDX

Ashhar and Jerry -- thank you so much for the reply and info.  I better understand the general antuino application.  It is not a inline SWR/pwr meter, but it does a thousand other equally or more important jobs.  I'm always borrowing VNA from club members.  When I get a Antunio, I can stop being a pain in the neck to others. hahah.

P.S. I showed your email to my wife, and breathlessly exclaimed...look at this...Ashhar wrote to me!!!!  I did a little dance and told her I would never delete his email. [Obviously I need to get out more, but it is nice to have a few heroes out there, and you fit the bill. So a thousand thanks for all you've accomplished for all of us.  Okay, now I will stop sucking up. hahah.]


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