Re: Narrow filter for CW #ubitxcw

_Dave_ K0MBT

Does this option work on the V3 or V4 radios as well. Now to source more data on this option.

Yes as I mentioned I have the nextion display on most of my ubitx radios. I noticed that the IF shift when slid from one side to the other can make certain tones disappear and reappear I guess I should move it to one side or the other and see if I can use it to isolate. I assume it is a one way shift on the receive side only.

Thanks to all that wrote thoughtful replies.

On Mon, Aug 12, 2019 at 08:10 PM, Ashhar Farhan wrote:

The ubitx has an option for narrow band filter. There are pins to install it.
The way it works is a bit of a hack :
1. The CW filter is at a different frequency. Let's imagine it is at 4.915
MHz. It is installed parallel to the 11.059 MHz SSB filter.
2. When choosing CW filter, you have to switch the second conversion
oscillator from 56.059 Mhz (45 + 11.059) to 49.915 Mhz (45 +4.915). Shift the
BFO to 4.914500 (According to your taste of CW tone).
Apart from designing the crystal filter, this hack is mostly about software

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