Re: Antuino support group opened -- early antuino question

Ashhar Farhan

The answer is yes, but ... the Antuino needs to be tuned within 10 khz of the ubitx to receive and display the modulation.
Being as sensitive as it is, you dont even need to connect it with the tap. A small piece of wire in the RF IN will pick up thr ubitx transmission.
- f

On Wed 14 Aug, 2019, 1:24 AM Don - KM4UDX, <dontAy155@...> wrote:
I have an early question (even before the support groups gets up and running...hahaha)

Is the Antuino able to be left in line with a tap & pad or something as a semi permanent basis to my uBITX? Right now I have an old MFJ power/SWR meter hooked up after the uBITX and before the antenna.  Is there a way to replace the swr/pwr meter with the  Antunio?



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