Fw: RE: The PC as a lab instrument


I thought this forum was focused on the BITX20. Have I gotten into the wrong forum by accident?

Arv - K7HKL

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does anybody have more stories about using PCs in the <BR>
home lab?<BR>
Farhan, I don't have a PC at home at all, except an old laptop my XYL uses<BR>
for internet access. I prefer to do everything without a PC. I even built my<BR>
crazy 30m QRSS beacon project with no PC or microcontroller, see<BR>
<a href="http://www.hanssummers.com/radio/qrss/index.htm">http://www.hanssummers.com/radio/qrss/index.htm</a> and<BR>
<a href="http://www.hanssummers.com/radio/qrss/qrv/index.htm">http://www.hanssummers.com/radio/qrss/qrv/index.htm</a> . I sit in front of a<BR>
computer here in the office every day and somehow prefer that when I am at<BR>
home I don't have to be attached to one.<BR>
There's also the problem of the "homebrew only" law which rules my station.<BR>
So far the only exception to it is my old 5MHz oscilloscope and my DVM. Some<BR>
day I will get my Z80 computers up and running, and will be able to write<BR>
some homebrew software for QRSS and PSK31 etc. <BR>
73 Hans G0UPL<BR>
<a href="http://www.HansSummers.com">http://www.HansSummers.com</a><BR>


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