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This is better.  No shorting diodes to replace, etc.



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There would be power loss as we need around 3 amps.  Addex to that the 12  or 13.8 will actually suffer 2v drop even though we say that sili on dioďe drop is 0.7v 


The best optiòn appears to have shunt diode, that too àfter à fuse. The fuse protec ts the rig from  it getting reverse voltage eternally.


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 While the two diodes in series would be adequate, I would still prefer to keep the diode across the positive to negative line, so it will let you know by blowing the fuse.

 A bit redundant, but still a good idea.

 Hey,the diodes are cheap enough.

 I have far more than I'll be using for some good while.


 Oh yes, another idea is to use a full wave bridge, so you can connect either way;

  I had a printer buffer many years ago, that could have the power connected either way.

 Wayne WA2YNE





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