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Edward Reynolds

The mic element has a connection point with lines running to the case of element that is the ground side, the other side is the hot or positive side, the positive side is wired to the tip, the ground side is wired to the first ring nearest the insulated cable. The second or middle band on the plug should connector to the PTT wire, sorry can’t give you wire colors, cause I use a 4 male pin chassis mount microphone plug. But the two ground wires connect together on the plug. Hope this helps 
Ed n7snt 

On Aug 6, 2019, at 5:09 AM, Ian Reeve <ian.radioworkshop@...> wrote:

Hi Evan,


This is true of course and I made that assumption that the wire-up was using the supplied pcb.

Thx for your clarification, I do not use the jack for mic/ptt, I use a 3 pin round socket and a repurposed fist mic off a Baofeng or similar.







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Ian's response is correct assuming that you wired the 3.5mm jack correctly as well.

Here is the wire up from HF signals with the pin numbers for the jack.  There is a better diagram on one of the threads on this site, and maybe one in the files section.


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