Re: uBITX finals get hot very fast #ubitx #ubitx-help #v5

Rob French (KC4UPR)

All good questions!  So, I don't have a power meter, but I do have a QRP Labs dummy load that has a diode for rudimentary RF power measurements with a voltmeter.  I'll try with that, which will also help me verify that the PA's heat up similarly with the dummy load.

I'll measure the overall current consumption of the transceiver as well as the PA section.  

However, one thing I've discovered... I'm using an old Micronta 12V power supply (that's what the front panel says).  When I checked the back panel, it says 13.8VDC output on the spec label, and measured, it's actually like 14.4V.  (I'll double-check that under load.)  So I imagine the higher supply voltage could also be contributing? 

I'm going to wire up a couple diodes in series with the power supply to bring the supply voltage down to ~12V, and see how that affects things.  Then I'll look at the PA section.


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