uBITX v5 Finished #3d_printing #calibration #v5

Doug Hall

I hesitate to say that it's actually finished, as I keep thinking of stuff to add to the hardware and firmware. But the cover is on and I'm making QSOs. Previously I had only used it on CW, but I 3D printed a mic case and got it wired up and my first SSB QSO was with S51DX. I'm pleased with how well the little radio hears. I'm sitting here listening to G0EVY on 40M SSB and he's just booming in. I haven't yet installed the AGC board so the static crashes are pretty harsh. It kinda reminds me of my old Heath HW-16 in that regard.

I calibrated the frequency against a 10 MHz GPSDO. Then, based on advice of some folks here, I used a PC audio spectrum analyzer program (Spectrum Lab by DL4YHF) to adjust the BFO frequency. That worked a treat, and I'm really happy with the way the audio sounds now.

It's just a very pleasing little radio.

Doug K4DSP

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