New uBitX - Start up Questions...


Hi All! I'm Steven KM4WIP. I have just completed assembly of a uBitX. It was my reward for passing the Extra Class exam last month.

The rig is built on a metal baking pan. When I plug in the 12v line, it lights up right away, that is good news. The on/off switch seems to only work with volume - is this correct? Volume does work.The VFO push button works, I can get to menu choices. I heard some garbled SSB and some clear CW on 40m. It won't transmit. And there is no CW sig at key down.

So here's my most obvious question. With the mike plugged in the VFO just sits on (I think ) 7.500 MHz. When I unplug the mike I can tune the VFO. Any clues?

Also is there an initial set up I need to run, or should this rig be able to plug in, tune in, and transmit?

Steven KM4WIP

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