Re: ubitx with Icom SM-6 desk mic

Skip Davis

John this mic will work fine all you will need to do is either make an adapter cable or replace the connector with a stereo 3.5mm/ 1/8” plug. 
Wire pin 1 to the tip/mic (with bias voltage) pin 7 to sleeve and either pin 6 or 5 to sleeve also, then pin the other not connected pin 5/6 to ring. You should be good to go and only need to adjust the mic gain pot for drive level. 

Skip Davis, NC9O

On Aug 1, 2019, at 04:46, John Scherer <jrsphoto@...> wrote:

I've got an Icom SM-6 desk mic sitting around and I'd love to wire this up to my ubitx v5.  Its clear that this mic has its own preamp and I'm not certain if I need to make any changes for this mic to work.

John - N0CTL - Fulltime RV in a 40' motorhome

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