Re: Replacing firmware Ubitx V5 problems

Herman Scheper




Tnx for this reaction. Now back home and i will give it this afternoon a try.


I did NO Ubitx modifications. I build it in a case bought from : ( case for 5” screen )


First build it in this case, aligned it and it worked as promised.


After that I starting replacing the firmware.   I never used Arduino etc, so i hav a lack of knowledge.


But I will fix it sometimes.



I have a Prusa 3D printer and learned how to upgrade the firmware; so this will go also one of this days.


Many tnx for your helpfull answers.


Regards,  Herman



Van: <> Namens Gary Anderson
Verzonden: woensdag 31 juli 2019 05:03
Onderwerp: Re: [BITX20] Replacing firmware Ubitx V5 problems


"30630 bytes uploaded" OK!
30630 looks correct for "UBITXV5_CEC_V1.122_NX_S.hex"  
:0A779C00732C207365742000220096  last ten (OA) bytes are loaded at address 0x779C
this is an intelHEX file, Not a binary file.  File size will not match bytes uploaded.

It is unclear where you are in uBITX modifications.  I did see that you own an enhanced Nextion.
I suggest starting with the factory LCD display installed and test that you can successfully upload the CEC firmware that matches the factory supplied display. 
I believe it is UBITXV5_CEC_V1.122_16P (for a single 1604 display via the Parallel interface)


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