Re: Replacing firmware Ubitx V5 problems

Herman Scheper

Gary, many tnx for your light in the dark. I usedthe from hobbytronics.

I try to load the cec firmware with a size of the hex file from 85 kb.

The load stops after 30630 bytes uploaded. An that is all.

No new reboot; nothing more.   Switching off and on : no starting ubitx.

Now first find the original v5.1 hex file to bring it back to original.

First bringing back to original with 5.1 hex file..

But we will succeed one day!  Herman paobab

Herman vanaf z'n IPad.

Op 30 jul. 2019 om 19:01 heeft Gary Anderson <gary.ag5tx@...> het volgende geschreven:

Xloader is a GUI wrapper program around avrdude.  In the folder where you have installed Xloader, check that the "devices.txt" has the correct Nano listed as an option.

Use your favorite text editor, or from a command tool in that working directory >type devices.txt

c:\Arduino\XLoader>type devices.txt

I'm just guessing the that Xloader package you downloaded wasn't set up for a Nano;
Which may also very well mean that the avrdude.conf file in that working directory is also not correct for your needs.

try this Xloader package that is set-up for Nano.

Webpage for this:

I've personally never used Xloader.


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