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Buddy Brannan

CHU used to be on 7335, not 7850, didn’t it? Can’t recall which other of their transmissions moved, if any, but I do recall there being a bit of uproar when they were proposing eliminating 7335.

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On Jul 28, 2019, at 12:20 AM, Wayne Leake <wayneleake@...> wrote:

back in the 1950's, I used to receive CHU on 7.85Mhz, as well as 2.5Mhz, 5.0Mhz 10.0Mhz and maybe higher WWV signals.
I lived in Syracuse NY at the time, and used a wire antenna, with a very old,but still good Philco Model 620.
The Philco was a good Superhet multi band, with RF amp as well as mixer, IF amp, diode detector, plus triode audio amp and pentode audio output.
Was AM only,so I could not listen to SSB, and CW was not my thing.
Regardless, I was able to set my watch and clock by either CHU or WWV
Wayne WA2YNE

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