Re: 7.277mHz Sunday Afternoon

Skip Davis

Just to let you know 14.300 is the Maritime Mobile net frequency for both coasts. They are in operation most of the day with net controllers throughout the country. It’s not the best choice for operation and meeting place for uBITX users but could be used to possibly get a signal report.

Skip Davis, NC9O 

On Jul 21, 2019, at 09:50, Bob Fischer, Fischer Technical Services <FischerTek@...> wrote:

I have listened a few times but never heard another uBITX on 7.277.  The posted net time is a little inconvenient for me.  I have another proposal:  How about uBITX addicts just "parking" our rigs on 2.277 MHz and listening.  I usually have mine on, with volume down very low.  I have been leaving it on 14.300 but 20M propagation has not been good lately.  I will start listening on 7.277 for a while.  I encourage others to do likewise.  Make your first CQs there when you sit down to operate.

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