Re: question about current after building the DC connector

Evan Hand

Is the Raduino installed, and does it power up? By that I mean does the display light up?  If you are testing prior to installing the Raduino (I believe that the current test is suggested prior to inserting the Raduino) then do not install it down.  Instead test on pin one of the connector (the end closest to the power connector) for 12 volts there (should be the same as the supply voltage to the rig).

I really believe that there is a wiring error, or a bad trace/solder joint on the board.  This would be possible, however all boards are tested an "calibrated" prior to shipping, so not likely.

I will try to make time to run some measurements on my v5 board.  Please verify that it is a v5.  I also have a v4 board, so can test it as well.


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