Re: question about current after building the DC connector


I think it is V5. (I've had it about 4-5 months,just getting around to working on it.) On the board, (in the right rear corner), there is an embossing that says UBITX V5.)

All the connections I did are soldered. As noted in reply to Evan -- I see 13.5 up to the connector that mates to the board. (For now, I am using just the parts that come with the board and trying to follow the "Wire-UP" document.)

I see test points on the board, but haven't found any documentation as to what I might expect to see at those points if I used a meter on them?


I just did another voltage test. Between the red/brown pin on the power connector and the chassis mounting points (where you install the stand-offs, which I take to be board ground), I also see 13.5 volts.


Finally, on the main connector for the Arduino I see 13.5 volts on the socket flagged as +12 on the wiring diagram.

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