Re: question about current after building the DC connector


Building from scratch. (I do have a case kit, but for now I just want to get it hooked up as per "out-of-the-box." That is, using the parts that come with the board and following the instructions in the "HF Signals, MBITX -- WIRE UP" document.)

For power, I am connecting to my Alinco power supply set for 13.5 volts. (Using alligator clips for now to connect to the plug that came with the board.)

I am seeing 13.5 volts at the DC connector, i.e., between the positive pin (red-brown wires) and ground pin (black wire.) Not sure if there are other test points that I could hit that will tell me what the voltage is at other points on the board. (Also, unplugged the power cable and tested the voltage at the connector that plugs into the board -- also showing 13.5 volts between red and black, or brown and black.)

I am pretty confident that I have 13.5 volts up to the board.

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