Re: V5 uBitx CW issues


Regarding ferrites, this is only for the desperate: If you have old VGA or DVI cables laying around you can sometimes harvest the ferrite beads from them, though it does involve larger cutters and sharp bigger size box cutter blade. Cut the cable 1" (2cm) from each end with the pliers, slice down through the plastic about 2mm from the end towards the cable from all sides without hitting the ferrite (it can crack) but try to expose the face end of the ferrite possibly with multiple cuts, and go all the way around until you cut through the cable shield but not the cable, do on both ends. Using pliers, pull the remaining wires out. Slice down the length of the ferrite jacket until you barely touch the ferrite, pull the jacket off. Carefully using pliers pull the jacket out of the center of the ferrite. Most of these will fit RG58 cable. Don't lose part of a finger doing this! I think it is smarter to purchase what you need and get the right size/material.

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