Re: 2m under threat for Thales

Ken Hansen

Please, the sky is not falling. This is a proposal to consider at WRC-23, which is four years from now, the possibility of reconsidering a number of frequency allocations above 144 MHz, including specifically the primarily Amateur Radio 144-146 MHz allocation among others.

Vigilance is called for, but these "they're trying to take 2m from us!" Posts are getting to be a bit much.

It was, as I understand, a last minute update to the proposed WRC-23 agenda. Our representative organizations are on top of this and will, as the discussion progresses, remain engaged.

If you want to keep 2m, then use 2m. High levels of activity and usage will be the best ammunition for our representative organizations. I personally live in an area (Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas) where there are essentially NO AVAILABLE 2m repeater pairs to be gotten, all are allocated, but I can scan the 2m repeater frequencies for several hours and hear no more than handful of 2m QSOs and countless repeater self-ids from otherwise silent repeaters. Two Meters is the lowest common denominator band, let's work towards keeping it active.

Please, if you haven't yet, click the ARRL note below and read what they say. It's nothing more than a request to consider a proposal in 2023, nothing is imminent, we don't need to 'go to the mattresses' [0], let's work through our respective representational organizations (ARRL, JARL, RSGB, etc.) and let's keep 2m active.

I'll get off my soapbox now.

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