WSTX/Cat control after multiple attempts frequency Red 0.000.000

Mark Hatch


Just got my ubitx working with a single USB cable and internal hub with usb sound card. No problem making QSO's and signal reports are fine. 

I am running the latest CEC software and Omnirig too.

"Occasionally", after lots of attempts to contact another station, (i.e. WSJT watchdog is about to go off), the frequency displayed in WSJT changes to "0.000.000" and is of course in "Red" indicating that WSJT is not happy with the frequency. However, the frequency on my ubitx remains correct and I have even completed a QSO in such a situation (had to fix the logbook entry afterwards)

I am guessing it is sometime of timeout error. I currently have Omnirig set at FT-817 with Poll of 500ms and Timeout of 4000ms.

Anybody else seen this issue and have a suggestion on a solution?



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