Re: Remote access - I want to connect ubitx to Raspberry PI and remote in #remoteaccess

Don - KM4UDX

Thanks to all for the security notes. Your collective commentary is thoughtful and on target.

My general environment is kept up to-date with Security/OS stuff.  And the remote accessed AtomicPi is dedicated for uBITX only operation. 

It seems a bit intimidating if you’ve never implemented any of the organic remote access and port management tools in Linux/Ubuntu. And there is the real concern that doing so could introduce unknown vulnerabilities (in the hands of a newbie like me),  So there is a trade in the security space. 

Nevertheless, I now have a much better understanding of the security concerns from managed solutions. 

Thank you all all again very very much. 

P.S. I tell my wife (all the time) that the folks I meet in the amateur radio ecosystem are wicked smart. With one exception. Hahha.

Thanks again.   


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