Re: #Ubitx #bitx20help. Anyone out there who can work on a Ubitx ? #ubitx

Wayne Leake

  Richard, I wish that I could say that I can still do most things.
 But alas, my COPD and things have prevented that.
 So I am limited as to what I can do physically.
 Can still solder and troubleshoot, plus what does not require lifting more that 10 pounds or so.
I amused to carrying about 8 pounds on my back (O2 tank in backpack).
 Though that sometimes makes it harder for me to get back up.
 More power for those of you who can help persons like myself that are now limited by a combination of things
  No, I'm not asking for help for myself, other than what I mention on my facebook page.
 One thing I will be able to help with is programming memories for certain GE radios
 Wayne WA2YNE

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