Re: Remote access - I want to connect ubitx to Raspberry PI and remote in #remoteaccess

Don - KM4UDX

i used TeamView for free with personal use. I took a bit to get both computers trusted and set with Ubuntu/AtomicPi and the other Win10/oldlaptop. works. Here is a screen cap from my win10 laptop controlling the AtomicPi with ubuntu controlling my V4 uBITX running WSJTX and completing a JT8 QSO.

I am thrilled!!! I have remote control for both good and evil...hahaah (actually not evil as I don't really know what that would amount to, hahah).

After this success, I switched to Fldigi and that works as well sending the keyboard via the link to Fldigi text input window. However. If the uBITX audio output level is set too low from the last time I physically adjusted the speaker volume, then I have no way to change/increase the uBITX output level to make Fldigi happy.  I'll pay with setting the uBITX output on the high side, and then try to lower the level on the software side of some application.

Now I see the real advantage to complete visualization of the transceiver (.e.g. Flex). if I had all of the uBITX functions on the screen, then the volume controls would be screen sliders allowing me to adjust it all from remote control. 

So there a way to adjust the uBITX volume levels in software through some interface?  

The other challenge is not seeing the RF output levels. At the rig, I run the uBITX RF output through a old fashioned power meter to keep the lid on power levels. It would be nice to see the rig output on the screen somehow. I know I can adjust the drive level remotely, I don't really know the impact that is having on RF power output levels...

But, to the question of basic remote control, assuming your physical rig i/o levels are set in the range, then TeamViewer will allow remote control of your computer apps and rig. Seems to work fine. 

If there is a reboot, I don't yet know about having TV boot automatically so you can always get remote into it. I'm sure that is doable.

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